Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Sep 13 2016 - First Steps

Wolverine's portrayer
With 52-Across, impetus to get down, and..
Went aboard
Voice quality
Time for preparation
The Terminator, for one
Test for M.A. seekers
Successor and predecessor of Leno
Subjects of some bargaining
Stephen King's Christine, for one
South American tuber
Social surroundings
Soaks in hot water
Snug as a bug
Site in the first stanza of 'Oh My Darling Clementine'
Site in the first stanza of 'Oh My Darling Clementine'
Second-highest card in pinochle
River wriggler
Restriction for Mr. Sprat
Quick summary
Quarterdeck's location
Pristine place
Prison area
Printer type
Prepared to spring
Place for a witness
Petty officer on a merchant ship
Oscar winner as Thatcher
One who calls 'em as he sees 'em
Notice that needs to be noticed?
Nickname for an oldster
Nautical side
Melody that overstays its welcome
Marco Polo crossed it
Mace Windu, for one
Lowest card in pinochle
Jacob's twin
Is abundant
Investment company T. ___ Price
Halloween purchases
Guitar maker Fender
Get a move on
German river that flows into the Rhine
Flyer to Amsterdam
First bird sent from Noah's Ark
Filing mo
Fast Amtrak train
Farm fathers
Expressed disapproval
Enters gradually
Distilled coal product
Diner dish
Daly of 'Cagney & Lacey'
Congressional staffer
Compact submachine gun
Co. now part of Verizon
Clear out
Citi Field team
Champagne specification
Bean in space
Beach birds
Arabian Sea's Gulf of ___
Alito replaced her
African tuber
...a hint to the starts of the answers to the starred clues
*Willow bark tea for a headache, e.g
*What a family might use to play Monopoly
*Target of many fall ads
*Condiment made with tomatillos
'Someone Like You' singer
'M*A*S*H' vehicle

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