L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - Aug 10 2017

Yarn that makes fabric stretchy
Word with roll or toll
What an LP has that a CD lacks
Wetland area
Went like mad
Voice mail prompt
TV Batman West
Tucked in
Toulouse trace, in detail?
They're underfoot
They might be ripped
Tarragona title, in detail?
Take at a concert
Sweet __
Surpass in a hot dog contest
Stand-up individual?
Spanish king
Small parrot
Skipjack or bluefin
Shade akin to ecru
Sci-fi SFX
Sainted pontiff called 'the Great'
Revered one
Rat Pack nickname
Preschool song opener
Poundstone of 'Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!'
Oater colleagues
NBC show that inspired '30 Rock'
N.L. teams usually don't use them
Mus. key of 'I Am The Walrus'
Mason's burden
Like the occasional clean sock
Like helium
Lake craft
Jazz sessions
It's hidden in some profiles
Immature bee nourished by royal jelly
How great minds think
Gloucester's cape
Gable neighbor
Friend of Job
Finney with a recurring role in Jason Bourne films
Eye experts, old-style
Emphatic affirmation
DUI-fighting org
Dean's list nos
CT scan component
Critical vessel
Colt producer
College in Northfield, Minn
Check figure
Carry with difficulty
Capital of Delaware?
Came to light
Bus sched. info
Brat condiment
Biz biggies
Bingo kin
Backdrop for many jokes
Augsburg above, in detail?
Arles animal, in detail?
Arctic divers
Amorous murmur
Actress Longoria
37-Across plant
'__ you coming?'
'The Simpsons' tavern owner
'The Blacklist' actress
'Nausea' novelist
'Look What __ Done to My Song, Ma'
'Foiled again!'

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