L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - Aug 12 2017

__ wave
__ glass
__ con gas: Spanish soda water
Word with war or far
Word with grass
Wave function symbols
Waiting to get in, say
Troubling bank msg
Trans-Siberian Railway city
Traffic chorus
Studio mascot
Steel work
Stable population
Sign of stress
Section in Disney's Animal Kingdom
Rocker alternative
Red's pal in 'The Shawshank Redemption'
Really feel the heat
Radio host Glass
Point in the right direction?
Poe classic
Place to buy a landscape
Pioneering music player
Pillar of Islam
Per person
Pennsylvania home of the world's oldest operating wooden roller coaster
Peabody-winning journalist Ifill
Org. Indonesia left in 2008
Only president to win a Pulitzer Prize
Old name for England
Night spot
Nevada copper town
Nautical direction
Modern categorizing aid
Michelin unit
Make an unexpected connection with
Like most cartoon characters
It's generally celebrated on the same day as Tet
It's cut and dried
Homophonically named '60s sitcom lady
High dos
Greek theater
Friend of the Fry Kids
Fr. titles
Former AT&T rival
Fish-eating bird
Financial pg. debut
Edge furtively
Dwarf who traveled with Bilbo
Cutlass, e.g
Cutlass, e.g
Cover, as a cover charge
Con targets
Coast Guard pickup
Certain Celt
Buckwheat porridge
Broke ground
Angels' org
'The __ of King William': Old English poem
'The Voice' host Carson
'The Phantom Menace' boy
'The Old Curiosity Shop' girl
'Madam Secretary' actress
'Golden Boy' dramatist
'Correct!' sound
'Candida' singer
'All will be well'

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