L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - Sep 13 2017

__-Ball: arcade game
__ snail's pace
__ protector
WWI battleship Graf __
Where Starbucks began (and a product it popularized)
What's clued in parentheses for each of four answers, and found in corresponding sets of puzzle circles
Valued caches
The first Mrs. Trump
Suffix with concert
Speech therapist's challenge
Snoop (around)
Slangy 'It's cool'
Ship frame
Scolds harshly
Salon style
Quaker captain of literature
Prying tool
President Morales of Bolivia
Physician at the front
Pepperidge Farm treat (and its ideal companion)
Parthenon goddess
Novelist Waugh
Note above A
Name on a two-liter bottle (and what's inside)
Music box?
More virtuous
Marvin of Motown
Lose steam
Like microwavable meals
Like a path that's cobbled together?
Les __-Unis
Length of most TV dramas
Kin by marriage
Jones with a locker
Independently owned suds producer (and the suds in question)
Horseshoes turn
Green Angry Birds animals
Go this way and that
Go from cloudy to fair
Give a darn
Freak out
Fashionable Brit
Eye layer
Examine in detail
Elec. or mech. expert
DVR 'back up' button
Don Juan's mother
Dijon dad
Deal with, as loose laces
Currently combusting
Cop's quarry
CIO partner
Chanted word
Borscht veggies
Big tee sizes
Autumn bloom
Allowed to get out
Add, as a shrimp to the barbie
Acts like a good dog
2016 Best Picture nominee '__ Land'
'Like __ lump ... '
'Jabberwocky' opener
'How cool!'
'For __ jolly ... '
'Almost there!'
''And hast thou __ the Jabberwock?''

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