New York Times Crossword Answers - Apr 20 2017

Words meant to hurt
Why Japanese tipplers anticipate the afterlife?
Went to night school, maybe
Wear down
Vitamin and supplement retailer
Track transaction
The Rolling Stones' '___ a Rainbow'
The Goddess of Pop
Stretches (out)
Start of many an Italian pizzeria name
Sports org. headquartered in Indianapolis
Soul maker
Something many Founding Fathers believed in
Sight in Micronesia
Reach by air
Quick trip to pick up white zinfandel and blush?
Property of skim milk
Power and economic development corp. started in 1933
Pound on some Mexican food?
Poker declaration
Places to study the Talmud
Pie chart features
Page 1, 3 or 5, usually
Overindulging sort
Organic jewelry material
One side of China?
One of a group of 18
Not forget
Name of five Norwegian kings
Many an insect repellent
Law of ancient times
Lacking a purpose in life
It's often rigged
It's a drag
Influence for Enya, historically
Halfway through a stage routine
Go here and there
Function for a buffalo hide
France's Côte d'___
Eric's seafaring son
Emulate a 2-Down
Emergency procedure, briefly
Economy, for one
Designation for U.K. vessels
Courtly term of address
Corvette feature
Compare, in a way
Columbia, e.g
Chew toy alternative
Certain trank
Blue note?
Beauty in 'Beauty and the Beast'
Back talk
Antihero of 'A Clockwork Orange'
Active volcano feature
1952 Bernard Malamud novel made into a hit 1984 movie
'___ longa, vita brevis'
'Travel is ___ to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness': Twain
'I didn't know you disliked shiny fabrics!,' e.g.?
'And thereby hangs ___': 'As You Like It'

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