New York Times Crossword Answers - Aug 10 2017

___ trick
___ Sound
___ desk (newspaper post)
Wine, informally, with 'the'
Whatever it takes ... as hinted at in the arrangements of black squares around the circled letters
Whatever it takes
What a '/' may mean
Transmission element
Toy shooter
Symbol of gentleness
Symbol of Christianity
Standout in a quad
Square one
Spent the most?
Sound of metallic impact
Something said by a put-out Putin?
Silent part of 'mnemonic'
Short loin cut
Seat of New Mexico's Doña Ana County
Seat of Christianity?
Roman emperor who overthrew Galba
Right to the point
Recluse's problem, maybe
Rare occurrences at Super Bowls, briefly
Procter & Gamble cleaning brand
Party person
Pac-12 athlete
Newcastle upon ___, England
Musician whose first name is a toy
Mulching material
Like a workaholic
Letters that might precede 10001
Latin American sweetie
James I and Charles I
It might prevent you from drifting off
Indy racer sponsor
Home to an annual Ideas Festival
Hairstyles that need lots of combing
Flippered animal along the Pacific Coast
First name of the second vice president to resign from office
Dunham of 'Girls'
Don't open it!
Do a little cuddling
Diner staple, for short
Darn it!
Congested place, at times
Clutch hitter's stat
China's ___ Dynasty
Carriage with its horse
Big rolls
Banks of 'America's Got Talent'
Attraction at Boeing's Museum of Flight, for short
Attachment to a job app
Astronaut Kelly
Add (up)
2016 Disney film
-NH2 attachment, in chemistry
'What you have to realize ...'
'The Martha ___ Show' of 1950s TV
'Pagliacci' role
'J'adore ___' (ad slogan)

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