New York Times Crossword Answers - Sep 14 2017

___ NFL (video game franchise)
Wouldn't settle, say
With 57-Across, overextended
With 37-Across, start of an ethical rule
With 18-Across, what a boastful guy might do
What comes before a clue?
Weak punch?
Way up
University near Greensboro
Twitter site
Tiny treasures from the sea
They're often made at icebreakers
Something to tie up
Some Jamaicans, informally
Singer Nicks
See 54-Across
See 35-Across
See 17-Across
Save for later
Sal's canal, in song
Rising notes?
Rips off
Quintet instrument
Put in one's two cents, with 'in'
Prop for Gandalf
Place for a shepherd
Paris's Pont ___ Arts
Most retiring
Most movie explosions these days, for short
Language of the Lahore Post
Job listing abbr
Jesse who pitched in a record 1,252 major-league games
It's the law
Interjection derived from the Latin for 'weary'
Innocent sort
In addition
Giants' grp
German cry
Gangsters' wear, in old movies
Found, as grub
Formal term for the gap suggested by 17/18-, 35/37- and 54/57-Across
Food ___ (post-Thanksgiving meal condition)
Early TV network competing with NBC, ABC and CBS
Dr. of verse
Dots in la mer
Does sumthing wrong?
Dieter's goal
Did a dry run
Dickens's Fagin, e.g
Demographic statistic
Come ___ surprise
Centaur who was killed by Hercules
Cause for a suspension, in brief
Burrowing South American rodent
Black belt, e.g
Become in life
Antarctica's ___ Ice Shelf
Above capacity, for short
'You betcha!'
'Grease' high school

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