Crossword Answers - Aug 12 2017

__ skiing (Dubai diversion)
Worked on an app, say
With 13 Down, Superior Region resource
Whole mess
What earbuds come in
Use as a faster route
Unlikely diet fare
Twist-era dance
Totally transcendent
Three-point-turn points
Targets of some laser scans
Sticky wicket
State capital since 1901
Spreadsheet products
Sport with bamboo weapons
Some weekly workers, briefly
Snow blower, perhaps
See 37 Across
Salute lines
Response to wrecking
Quartet at Woodstock
Poppy and lava
Piano partner of ''ébène''
Peaks form over them
Part of nutmeg seeds with mace
Opposite of ''inert''
Notre Dame feature
Note beneficiary
Musical with an Inaugural Ball
Monkeys or apes
Modernist music descriptor
Meals based on an Exodus chapter
Loon or coot
Like honey buns
Juicy tidbits
Journalist pal of Teddy Roosevelt
Job specification
It's handled in parks
It's fermented and marbled
It moves quickly
It might precede ''You too?''
Is born
Ingredient in some vinaigrettes
Hotel freebie
Hop-on, hop-off bus route
Head catchers
Have experience of
Hang, as a dress
Gap filler
Doesn't stop, in a way
Doesn't face
Do some text processing
Distributes irregularly
Dickensian exclamation
Dermal patch?
Cut back on
Cry while taking a bath
Controversy creation
Computer network endpoint
Civic center
City near Lewis and Clark National Forest
Cause to crack up
Baby name list topper for 2016
''The __ Cry'' (Salvation Army publication)
''Giorno di San Valentino'' message
''Gimme a break!''

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