Crossword Answers - Jan 14 2017

Yelp link
Word from the Greek for ''hearth''
With little consideration
What Indonesia rejoined in 2016
Turntable annoyance
Toxic climber
Tops in zip
Ties-to-be, perhaps
They have very short sleeves
Term popularized by le Carré
Start to squeak
Specimen, slangily
Soundtrack composer for the BBC's ''The Celts''
Sgt. or PFC
Ryan's ''Sleepless in Seattle'' pal
Reminiscent of caviar
Rareza del desierto
Quick look
Person expressing praise
Pay-one-price, at carnivals
Nudge, maybe
News crawl staple
New York city in Vonnegut novels
Mr. and Mrs. Hockey
Minimally partitioned
Metaphor for reticence
Maria Callas signature role
Make hash of
Luau ovens
Literary villain from Soho
Kind of bowl
Key to some fast exits
It shows safety videos with Arabic subtitles
Hand-drawn product
Group communicating impulses
Godzilla film regular
Get the word out?
German dessert named for its ''tree-ring'' interior
Genesis 4 name
Frequent reality-show plot line
Font named for its forwardness
Farm crossing
Fair-weather friend
Extraction candidate
Ends of tubas
Easy-on outfit
Early-season 2015 hurricane
Dog-tag shape
Docent's directive
DNA, essentially
Democratic opponent of yore
Crowd inspirations
Choppers' achievements
Champion recognition org
Certain sma' bairn
Cartoon Network sister channel
Campaigns far and wide
Biter in Andy's silkscreen ''The Kiss''
Beneficiary of ill-gotten gains
Apparel damage
Alsace/Lorraine separator
''Exister'' synonym
''. . . __ land and ocean without rest'': Milton

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