Crossword Answers - Jun 17 2017

Young lady
Word related to ''lace''
Word on the New7Wonders of the World list
Word on Chinese menus
Winter squash used in quesadillas
Whom Boccaccio called ''ever melancholy and pensive''
Undergo cleansing
Tired feeling
They don't give anything away
Teaspoons per tablespoon
Teammate twosome
Substantial cutting
Spy played by Watts in ''Fair Game''
Something to put you off
Something dropped or crossed
Some yoga poses
Site of the erstwhile Six Hours of Paris race
Shipping-chart datum
She helped Loretta and Dottie get started
Shade of orange
Seussesque pronoun
Secret service, quite possibly
Remarques de refus
Rapturous remark
Query to one going on
Personification of peace
Notre Dame's all-time leader in average yards per game
Negative pull-up beneficiary
Nation of 150-plus million
Moves a lot
More than ready
Me time
Mass or pile
Marked wrong
Major disorder
Largest North American terrestrial animal
Key big-office payee
Japanese pizza topping
Insightful advisors
Indoor shock absorber
Home of the Scandic Byporten Hotel
Henry VIII played it
Harvard Lampoon's winged symbol
Hail that faded away
Goddess who rose daily from Oceanus
Get in on a deal
Germanic version of an Austen title name
Fox's biggest star circa 1915
Fourth volume of a James series
First Irish Nobelist in Literature
Favoring management
Fantasy fiction staple
Exclamation of frustration
Comic-book ancestor
Certain naming-rights seller
Business __
Bunker Hill Monument, essentially
British band that sounds really happy
Be boring, perhaps
Arrests effectively
Abrupt ender of a probe
''Soupe au __'' (thin-skinned, to Thérèse)
''Jungle Book'' title
''Another Day in Cubicle Paradise'' author

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