Crossword Answers - Mar 18 2017

__ cooker ( offering)
__ carriageway (Brit's divided highway)
__ art (line-printer graphics)
Worked on a clog, say
Word from Old French for ''dwell''
With 58-Down, Cristal Stylus and Softfeel Stic
What may follow a cut
What an anchor is found on
Turn slightly red, perhaps
Touching things in sports
Ticket-pricing category
Thor, in two billion-gross films
They're not known by many
See 62-Down
Saxtuba cousin
Risk region east of India
Restraining order
Put down
Project Mercury launch rocket
Perspective-changing pose
Organic catalysts
One of Time's Top 5 Fashion Icons of the 2000s
Military band
Mantis voice in the ''Kung Fu Panda'' films
Like some cleaners
Kumquat category
Kissinger's original name
It might include ''Hey, hey!''
Inspiration for Columbus
Hummus flavoring
His birthday is Read Across America Day
Hall of soul
Groomers employed at some resorts
Getting a pass, perhaps
Function in Teslas
Freestyle regimen
Either end of a gridiron
Dow Jones Transportation Index stock
Dimes for dollars
Dietitian recommendation
Deutsche Telekom subsidiary
Crooner in ''The Godfather''
Crime alias that's Spanish for ''shorty''
Cool, a while back
Centrifuge component
CBS daytime show
Capital on the Arabian Sea
Breaks at Oxford
Breakfast beverage
Brandenburg Concertos participant
Boa kin
Austrian artist
A lost cause
2014 OWN docuseries subject
'80s First Daughter
''There's meaning in __ snores'': ''The Tempest''
''Some of the old songs, __'' (''Casablanca'' line)
''No way!''
''Can't wait!''

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