Crossword Answers - Oct 8 2016

Winged workers
Whom ''Rolling Stone'' called the ''live'' in ''SNL''
Where feed ferments
What many Nepalis get into
Well-remembered ''soliloque'' starter
Undesirable iron product
Their last windows are opened on Christmas Eve
Target in some carnival games
Summit series
Stuff in smokeless gunpowders
Sports star who wrote the 2014 novel ''The Academy: Love Match''
Source of paper profits
Source of Machine Age imagery
Small grouse
Scrap now, maybe
Sales __
Rundown preceder
Really go (for)
Rattling result
Places worth seeing
Party with the Host
Out of play
Option for the rash
One may be near a washer
Of planetary tilts
Obsolescent opener
No-good denouement
No small part
Master of 39 Down
Keep from cases
I may stand for it
How some like their salmon
How much of the Missouri R. flows
How humanity exists, per Kant
How a ''. . . Silence'' title starts
Home of the Reagan Medical Center
Head of the services, for short
Grand old word?
Good counterpart
Generate, with ''up''
Geisha's green light
Gears are locked in it
Football guard
Exercises a Yahtzee option
Essence of a federal profile database
Enjoyed, as a kaleidoscope
Ending like -like
Downturn exploiter
Diversional, for short
Didn't save face
David Cameron, circa 1982
Cut in two, possibly
Contents and more
Company with a $25 billion IPO
As, for Einstein
Another way to say ''mi''
Ancient ''keeper of sheep''
Alter in a shop, in a way
Accounting calculation
''Greatest Story Ever D'ohed'' character

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