The Washington Post Crossword Answers - Oct 28 2016

___ Vegas
___ del Rey, California
___ Angeles
Wife of Zeus
Where to find Michigan State University
Ventriloquist Bergen
Treasury Dept. branch
Tokyo tie
Thomas Hardy heroine
Taconite and bornite
Start of many a Mount Everest climb
Stage line?
Something usually not required by 1-Across
Sight or smell
Shooting sport
Shoelace challenge
Seasonal help
Sean Connery and Roger Moore
Satisfaction, so to speak
Santa Anita figures
Rocky Mountains, for one
Religious ceremony
Press the backspace key, perhaps
Pacific salmon
One of the Racing Presidents at Nationals Park
Oklahoma city second in size to Oklahoma City
Novelist Wiesel
Not as much
More together
Mom or dad, usually
Mao Tse-tung, notably
Look like a sleaze
Lint collector
Leaf-cutter ___
La Scala location
Kunis of 'Ted'
James of 'The Godfather'
Industry which one can really dig?
High-tech read
He cowrote 'Heroes' with Bowie
Give an edge
Gave a hand
Fish for fish
End to hostilities
Elite Navy commandos
Electric car manufacturer
Dorothy Gale's home
Dirty digs
Composer Stravinsky
Come to terms
Cobbler container
Christian of Hollywood
Cheerful tunes
Cheer for a flamenco dancer
Check books
Broadway production
Bits of mistletoe
Big picture
Barbara Bush or Laura Bush
Atlas feature
Aromatherapy locale
Arboretum lineup
Air travel nuisance
Air France flier until 2003
Actress Bjorlin
1979 movie that took place aboard the spacecraft Nostromo
'___ Came a Spider' (2001 Morgan Freeman film)
'When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time to Go Home' author Bombeck
'The Treasure of the Sierra ___'
'The Thinker' sculptor

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