USA Today Crossword Answers - Apr 20 2017

Worker with shingles
Wire thickness measure
Vague ending to a list
Unit price word
Two-thirds of YTD
Together, as audio and video
Thumbs-down vote
Threaded fastener
Tales of Greek gods, e.g
Substances banned by MLB
Subject to chance
Strand at a chalet, perhaps
Statistic for a bowler or batter
Sport played by Prince Charles
School founded in 1440
Rough file
Reaction to a mishap
Quakers or Shakers
Put the kibosh on
Psychoanalysis topic
Prefix meaning 'foreign'
Place to soak
Part of a living room set
Parenthesis shape
Not far away
Mushy fare
More minuscule
Manuscript encl
Lusitania's undoing
Loud, like a crowd
Like some cartilage piercings
Like root beer, but not beer
Lightbulb, in comics
Lady friend of Seinfeld
Join forces
Jockey Eddie with two Triple Crowns
Hoi polloi, with 'the'
Hockey or baseball statistic
Help in a heist
Head for the hills
Harry Potter pal Weasley
Hardly macho
Guide for a walking tour
GM's German subsidiary
Give a new handle to
Fruit named for its unsightliness
Friends of Tarzan
Feathery neckwear
Dustin's role in 'Midnight Cowboy'
Donald who wrote a 1963 'memoir' seen in the first words of 17-, 30-, 46- and 60-Across
Derby entries
Defeat, barely
Cpl. or sgt
Cookie at a 4:00 social, perhaps
Companion of crafts
Common sculpture
Chemical in insect repellents
Cheese in dessert recipes
California wine valley
Bunion's spot
Bumped into
Brunch entree
Bo Diddley tune covered by the Yardbirds
Bit ground by a barista
Big Band ___
Beluga or shad yield
Banks seen on runways
Any day now
Anderson Cooper's channel diagram
50-Across ingredient
1932 Spencer Tracy movie
'Told you so!'
'The way things stand . . .'
'The View' network
'Donut' in a car trunk
'Chi-Raq' director Spike

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