USA Today Crossword Answers - Aug 11 2017

___ Hawkins Day
Where many a 32-Down fell in 1836
Where Kuwait is
When most NFL games are played
West Coast airport letters
Weeder's tool
Walk wearily
Times in classifieds
Thread buy
The Sundance Kid's girl
Texter's 'Just saying'
Tent entrance feature
Take down a peg
Superlative suffix
Some Twenty Questions replies
Silly goose
Signal 'OK'
Scorpion venom, e.g
Schroeder's instrument in 'Peanuts'
Salad recipe verb
Run in all directions
Relief pitchers' place, for short
Ravi Shankar selections
Radial on a Rolls
Racing form figures
Puppy's bite
Prominent spot for an actor
Poem 'on' or 'to' something
Pentathlon blade
On pins and needles
No rocket scientist
Mythical Greek ship named for her builder
Model airplane add-on
Michele of 'Glee'
Meal with a Haggadah reading
Mary of 'The Maltese Falcon'
Maker of Gold Wing motorcycles
Literary miser Marner
Like Stephen F. Austin
Like Paul Bunyan tales
Like a weightlifter's arms
Like a pig's tail
Key below Home, on a PC
Jump past
Investment giant Goldman ___
Imparter of bitterness to beer
How some issues are debated
Houston Astros logo image
Homo sapiens, to us
Generous nature
Gave medication to
Fundamental beliefs
Footnote abbr
Fisher, one of Taylor's 41-Across
Fills to excess
Family insignia
Ends of a bar magnet
Dynasty after the Qin
Duelists' distances
Dory propellers
Dorothy who visited Oz
Do well, as houseplants
Didn't merely pass
Did lunch
Did a barber's job
Cross to bear
Canape topper
Burton and Warner, to Taylor
Brownie unit
Boxing champ before and after Spinks
Bob Hoskins role in 'Hook'
Be on the same page, so to speak
Baseball yearbook listing
Bartender's late-night announcement
Bachelor's last words?
Animation collectible
'Pet' irritation

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