USA Today Crossword Answers - Jun 19 2017

Year-end visitor, informally
Worker with a loupe
Word before system or society
With proficiency
Walked like an expectant father, perhaps
Use a Pink Pearl on
Universal Studios, e.g
Try to get airborne, in a way
Tries to prevent a sinking
Totally uses up
The Prince of Darkness
Symbol representing an app
Summoned, as a servant
Staycation activity, often
State solemnly
Starburst flavor
Show remorse over
Shirt-tag word
Renders void
Refuse, as an offer
Pumpernickel grain
Place for an outdoor lunch
Picked, with 'for'
Periods often tied to presidents
Periods of inactivity
Part of a Block Island Ferry load
Opening in a schedule
Often-baked pasta
Not at all 6-Down
No longer in vogue
Make less harsh
Like the proverbial church mouse
Like much lingerie
Letterhead feature
Keen-eyed bird of prey
Keach who played Mike Hammer
Jam session musician's asset
Is in accord
Instruction sheet part
Impolite sound at dinner
Hip-swaying dance
Having a high body mass index
Has what's going around
Hand over formally
Golda, Israel's 'Iron Lady'
French fries option
Floating perch for a seagull
Fast-food workers' strike issue
Emcee's device
DMZ part
Difficult situation
Deliveries from 49-Across
Dating regularly
Damp, like a dungeon
Curvy stretch of road
Crack, as a secret message
Completely off-base
Cod fishermen's gear
Charlie Chaplin's twirled prop
Charismatic glow
Cereal with a rabbit mascot
Cardio-boxing program
Cantina tidbit
Cameo's shape
Brit's 'certainly'
Brigham City's state
Bird with a powerful kick
Babysitter monitor
Avoid getting fired, maybe
Amass, as a bar bill
Affectedly ornate
Act the ham
1975 movie with a mechanical predator
10-Across patron
'___ showtime!'
'No change'
'End of the line!'
'Black Swan' garment

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