Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Aug 7 2017 - Singin' in the Reign

___ culpa
With 40-Across, 'King of Pop'
Wine buyer's concern
Wine buyer's concern
Vaulted section of a church
Ultimate degree
Tour leader
Tosses into the street
Thumbs-up vote
Tequila source
Tennis stars Roddick and Murray
Taper off
Tangled up
Squirrel away
Songwriter's compensation, or this puzzle's 'Kings'?
Significant period
Sidestep, as a question
See 37-Across
Sacred hymn
Rx prescribers
Revolutionary Guevara
Really excited
Quiz show sound
Put into law
President with two Grammys and a Nobel Prize
Poland's Walesa
Pizzeria order
One end of the spectrum
Miss identification?
Lyrical lines
Luau souvenir
Lone Ranger's sidekick
Like an unlucky toreador
Lends a helping hand
Lead-in to boy or girl
John of 'The Addams Family'
Its members use clubs at clubs: Abbr
Item on a balance sheet
Instruments with hammers
In the past
In the company of
Hibernation spots
Gift-wrapping need
Former Iranian ruler
Festive celebration
Fed. workplace regulator
Explosive initials
Donald Trump's youngest son
Do some copy desk work
Divinity school subj
Cry of dismay
Couldn't not
Coop residents
Container for a ltr
Coll. senior's test
Catching sight of
C.S. Lewis lion
Brief writer, in brief
Brewer's ingredient
Bout enders, for short
Antique autos
76ers legend, familiarly
'Try to ___ my way'
'King of Swing'
'King of Rock and Roll'
'King of Country'
'...to take arms against ___ of troubles...': Hamlet

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