Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Jun 15 2017 - If at First You Don't Succeed...

___ Reader (quarterly digest)
ZZ Top, e.g
Youngster's lyric, perhaps after five missed attempts in this puzzle
With formal propriety
Winter green
Winery family
Way to go?
Uneasy feeling
Ultimate letter
Trip home from the airport, perhaps
Trattoria tubes
Took stock?
They cross the line
They aren't subject to customs inspection
Texas State team
Sum totals
Speckled stallion
Source of meals on wheels
Source of baby's breath
Sotto voce comment
Snowy bird
Slept like ___
Sister brand of Tootsie Rolls
Simple adders
Scratch (out)
Roll of material
Relaxed walk
Prompt into action
Prepares for showing, as a home
Parliament contents
Pained cry
One of many revolving around Mars
Not on deck, perhaps
Morlocks' victims
Like some biennial elections
Like many knock-knock jokes
Like many a PAC
Like chlorine
Like a well-crafted whodunit
Leaves undressed, maybe?
John Deere logo
Jargon finish
It might be followed by a loop
Inner Hebrides island
Hummus scooper
How one must win in badminton
Highway construction marker
High guy
Hebrew leader?
Hall of fame
Great deal
Game admission
Five-in-a-row board game
Filing pro
Fighting a bug, say
Experimental fashion?
Duke, e.g
Disaster shelter supply
Device with a Force Touch trackpad
Dealer's unit
Cpl., for one
Cartoonist Thomas
Big Sur retreat
Beethoven's birthplace
Barely sufficient
Bar mixer
A great deal
'Master Melvin' of the Polo Grounds
'Blood will have blood' speaker

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