Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Jun 17 2017 - Dialogues

___ Trench (Pacific chasm)
___ dixit (unproven assertion)
___ acid
Winter Palace occupant
Whom Moonves succeeded
Where to see trots and slots
Weak heart?
Way up
Wave producer
Venn visual
Unlike Dracula
Union in D.C. and others
Turns up
Took cover
Ticker tape, for short
Terrarium youngsters
Target of some workouts
Take advantage of
Successful pols
Subway systems
Start of a plea
Star on the mound
Star movers
Some undies
Soldier material
Snippet of sound
Snack in a stack
Smart enemy
Siouan speaker
Sinus Dr
Signed off on
Shipping choice
Shipping choice
Scalpel's kin
Sandcastle shaper
Roman Cath. address
Rock producer Brian
Requiem composer
Reince Priebus headed it before becoming chief of staff to POTUS
Reason for a shift of hrs
Ready for surgery, perhaps
Propagation by sowing
Prepare for print
Police officer, at times
Poetic paean
Plaza de Toros cry
Played a bass?
Phone bill add-on
Penne ___ vodka
Participate in a high school fundraiser
Paper Mate rival
Packing, so to speak
Opposition answer
Old-style substance for old styles
NYC-to-Jamaica travel choice
Not ready for prime time
Nine-digit IDs
Mrs. Shrek
Moved like a show horse
Monterrey jack?
Miniseries, often
Mexican minder
Mathematician's 'I'm done'
Martin Luther King's minister daughter
March 17, e.g
Makes like a bulldog
Lunar calendar celebration
Luau strings
Llama land
Literally, 'turned'
Limited Series Emmy winner of 1977
Letters before Carl Vinson or Abraham Lincoln
Less authentic
June honorees
Judges and juries
Jerry Marcus comic strip
Item on hand in a school nurse's office
It'll open many doors for you
It'll lighten things up
In addition
High-water mark
Henny Youngman specialty
Have the final satisfaction
GPS heading
Got ready to play
German count's start
Garlicky condiment
Flag on a jacket, e.g
Firm finish
EU surcharge
End for some Internet addresses
Eastern state?
Do a spit take, e.g
Dialogue between scuba divers?
Dialogue between scaredy-cats?
Dialogue between mountain climbers?
Dialogue between hot dog vendors?
Dialogue between heterosexuals?
Dialogue between diner waitresses?
Dialogue between cows?
Dialogue between arson investigators?
Deadly heptad
Daughter of 'The Greatest'
Crude consortium
Cracker topper
Court break
Clear sheet
Chart template
Caterers' containers
Carson in the cabinet
Capital of Zanzibar
Cape Verde coins
Cannes companion
Buoyant ring
Brosnan's successor
Blue book occasions
Bartender's supply
Bad headaches
Author Deighton
Apple aide
Ain't right
Affectedly dainty
1957 Nabokov novel
'___ recall...'
'The Family Circus' cartoonist
'Star Wars' bounty hunter Boba ___
'Once upon a midnight dreary' writer
'Illmatic' rapper

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