Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - May 11 2017 - Over-Under

Writer Rand
Winds up
What's the score?
Vance Air Force Base location
Uplifting experience for vacationers?
Trainer's directive
Top-grossing film of 1975
They generate buzz
Thai currency
Speed trap devices
Spaceship Earth setting
Slam participants
Singer Adams with the 1991 song 'Get Here'
Shed some tears
Second child
Saldana of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Royals fielder Gordon
Rose of rock
Rookie ball player?
Research goal, at times
Prop for Tiny Tim
Parking garage posting
Org. with a 3-1-1 rule
One way to think
Mr. Peanut prop
Mollusk in a mother-of-pearl shell
Models sometimes sport them
McCarthy-era prosecutor Roy
Like Indiana Jones's fedora
Like a capt.'s charts
Lamb Chop puppeteer Lewis
Junkyard guard
James in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Indefinite amount
Humble response to kudos
How life is like the ocean, or a hint to entering the starred answers
Had a longing
Green prefix
Green and black, e.g
Frequent ultrasound targets
Fluffy accessory
Flower power?
Flaky mineral
Europe's most sparsely populated country
Eliminations, of a sort
Ducklings' dads
Drs. Zira and Zaius, e.g
Draw together
Couple's activity
Cold desert
Chevy SUV
Carmaker Citroen
Blue chip, perhaps
Big name in elevators
Beanery brew
Backsplash bit
Attire for the Sugar Plum Fairy
*The Taj Mahal, for one
*Swing both ways
*Artistic toy that glows in the dark
*Acerbic humor
'The Addams Family' nickname
'Say Say Say,' say
'Holy cow!'
'Hold up a sec!'
'Here and Now' network
'Five Weeks in a Balloon' author
'Don't look at me!'
'Did you ever ___ dream walking?'

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