Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - May 18 2017 - Tautologies

Yields of fields
Wheel of Fortune, for one
Washing dishes, e.g
Temple buildings
Targeted to the well-to-do
Talkative trucker
Swinton of 'Doctor Strange'
Sulky reaction
Stir up
Spot for a flowerpot
Slaughterhouse site in 'Slaughterhouse-Five'
Singer whose name is Icelandic for 'birch'
Salt container?
Road trip expense
Punishment, symbolically
Port on the Arabian Peninsula
Poitiers pal
Perpetrator, in cop lingo
Part of a solution, perhaps
One who's been cornered?
One tank in an inkjet printer
One side of a relativity equation
Obsessive anime fan
National park of southwest Utah
More colorfully gaudy
Moccasin's lack
Members of the woodwind section
Member of the woodwind section
Like lawn flamingos
Libya's loc
Legal conclusion?
Lab in one's home, e.g
Knock back a few
Keyed up
It is what it is
It is what 'It' is
It is what 'it' is
Hotbed of corruption
Helpful advice
He vied with Odysseus for Achilles' armor
Hard to swallow?
Gretzky, for most of the 1980s
Grafton's '___ for Evidence'
Gold standard
Galaxy Tab rival
Frasier's brother
Form letters?
Filming spot
Filming spot
Fan focus
Diner menu section
Descartes and Magritte
Cut substantially
Cub Scout group
Crucifix inscription
Clumsy fellow
Chignon spot
Check line
Chase in the movies
Calico cat, generally
Bubbling over
Brother of Moses
Blows it
Billy, at one time
Bern's river
Battle of the Atlantic vessel
Backcountry dwelling
'SOS' group
'It is what it is'
'Charm City'

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